Brion Wise, Owner, with Maximus

brion wise, owner, with maximus
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Respect is important. It’s not just the sites and their potential. There’s a powerful human influence.

the people of brion

winemaker bios: julien fayard | mark herold | massimo monticelli

The People of BRION

the people of brion

top, left to right: Enrique Castillo (Vineyard Management), Mark Herold (Winemaker), Massimo Monticelli (Winemaker), Garrett Buckland (Viticulturist), Jesus Espinoza (Vineyard Management); seated, left to right: Ramiro Herrera (Master Cooper), Larry Bettinelli (Vineyard Management), Paul Goldberg (Vineyard Management), Julien Fayard (Winemaker)